Middlebury's April 2012 Property Transfers Number 27; Top Sale at $350,000

The April 2012 Middlebury land transfers were recorded in the town clerk's office.


The following Middlebury land transfers are from April 2012 and may be picked up at the . The transfers are attached to this article as a PDF.

  • Smith, Alfred M. to Smith, Muriel A., property at 487 Whittemore Rd., quit claim.
  • Astoria Federal Savings and Loan Assoc. to Generall, Matthew E./Tuozzo, Nicole, property at 85 Blueberry Knoll, $212,000.
  • Smith, Robert W./D’Angelo, Dana to Middlebury Law Firm, property at 20 Woodside Ave., trade name file.
  • Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Wiedemann, Karl, property at 63 Middlebury Terrace, $180,000.
  • Guerrera, John R., Estate to Guerrera, John R., Estate, property at 1428 Straits Turnpike, probate.
  • Mackiewicz, Frances P. Estate to Mackiewicz, Frances P. Estate, property at 28 Middlebury Terrace, probate.
  • Bernard, Joy Wendy to Bernard Law Group, property at 984 Southford Rd., trade name file.
  • Burr Hall Road Associates, LLP to Cassullo, Annette L./Cassullo, Francis A., property at Lot 7 on Mirey Dam Rd./Burr Hall Road, $175,000.
  • Hine, Katherine to Smith, Katherine Hine, property at 53 Glenwood Ave., affidavit.
  • Smith, Corey/Smith, Katherine Hine to Carrasquillo, Kelly, property at 53 Glenwood Ave., $190,000.
  • Burr Hall Road Associates LLP to LaChance, Mark J./ LaChance, Marie-Alana A. Cassullo, property consisting of Lot 8, Mirey Dam Road/Burr Hall Road, $160,000.
  • D’Ambrose, Judith A. Estate to D’Ambrose, Judith A. Estate, no property listed, probate.
  • Alvey, Steven J. to Alvey, Steven J./Alvey, Catherine L., property at 631 Long Meadow Rd., quit claim.
  • Davanzo, Pamela to Window Accents, property at 8 Sandy Beach Rd., trade name file.
  • Georgette, Denise to Explore Your World, property at 62 Three Mile Hill Rd., trade name file.
  • Branco, Sofia F. to Branco, Sofia F./Branco, Fernando, property consisting of Lot 2A at 79 Watertown Rd., quit claim.
  • Carroll, Eleanor J. to Santos, Steven Q./Santos, Carlos M., property at 28 Dorothy Drive, $225,000
  • Deakyne, Kenneth G./Deakyne, Laureen A. to Pocoski, Edward J./Pocoski, Jeanine E., property at 250 Christian Rd., $348,000.
  • Dennis, Jay W./Dennis, Barbara S. to Deweys’ Lakeside LLC, property at 9 Satinwood Rd., $350,000.
  • Clark, Curtiss/Clark, Russell G., Jr./Erskine, Elizabeth Clark to Scully, Brian R./Scully, Ellen H., property at 929 North St., $235,000.
  • Hakim, Gabriel G. to Hakim, Paulina, aka/Hakim, Paula, property at 41 Midway Drive, quit claim.
  • Caouette, Robert C./Calabrese, Rita M., Trustee to Caouette, Robert C./Calabrese, Rita M., Tr., property at 35 Nutmeg Rd., Unit B-1, affidavit.
  • Caouette, Robert C., Trustee to Caouette, Robert C., property at 35 Nutmeg Rd., Unit B-1, TRD.
  • Caouette Robert C. Calabrese to Ryan C./Binette, Kimberly, property at 35 Nutmeg Rd., $150,000.
  • Salvarezza, Patricia Anne/Boccuzzi, Theodora Ann to State of Connecticut, property at 25 Hill Parkway, $285,000.
  • Stowell, Francis S. Estate to Stowell, Francis S. Estate, various lots at unknown location, probate.
  • Stowell, Francis S. Estate to Stowell, Antoinette, no property listed, CDEV.


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