How to Stay Connected During Extreme Weather

Here's a quick list of ways to stay connected to your Middlebury and Woodbury community and receive information related to Hurricane Sandy.


During the October snowstorm of 2011, Patch sent out breaking news e-mails to notify residents of information pertaining to emergency shelters, downed trees and power outages.

Here's ways to stay connected to the Middlebury and Woodbury community.


See also: Hurricane Sandy News Center for Middlebury and Woodbury, a central spot for Woodbury-Middlebury Patch's coverage of the expected storm. You can bookmark the page and quickly find all of the storm-related coverage, organized to help you get to it quicker and easier.


Erik Grudzien October 26, 2012 at 12:36 PM
Thanks for the mention! I will be broadcasting current conditions until either my internet connection or power goes out. My sensor continues to record, and all rain and wind information will be backlogged and updated once power and internet is restored. My winds speeds will also be slightly off as my anemometer is not mounted high enough to avoid complete blockage from nearby trees.
Jaimie Cura (Editor) October 26, 2012 at 04:02 PM
Erik, I'm posting your tips here as well, that you left on our Facebook page. Erik Grudzien: Thanks again for the mention! I'll have my station going so long as I have power and internet. If it gets knocked offline it still records and backlogs the data till whenever I get power and everything back. My wind speeds are still off. During Irene I only measured speeds up to about 30mph even though it was going 45mph+ because my anemometer is mounted well bellow the tree line, and to many pesky trees in the way to get it in a open area. However rain pressure and temperature should be accurate. During Irene we got over 8 inches of rain in 24 hours! Also make sure everyone has their cell phones charged and gas. As we found out with Tornado in June, Irene in August and the October storm that cell towers only have about a day of battery backup, so you might have to drive for signal. And any phone lines that go over Charter or cable service will cease to function within about 10 hours or so. Charters Fiber-to-Coax nodes only have about 10 hours of battery backup so cable goes out after then even if you still have a generator for your modem. That's why we still have good old regular phone lines, the only line of communication we had at our house last year during all the outages. www.facebook.com/woodmiddpatch


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