Family & Friends Honor Memory of Rachel D'Avino

Calling hours for Nonnewaug graduate Rachel D'Avino took place Thursday, Dec. 20, in Woodbury and the town came together to remember a young life and offer support to a community in mourning.


Rachel D'Avino died protecting the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School. She was fondly remembered by the Bethlehem, Newtown and Woodbury community, among others, during the Thursday, Dec. 20, calling hours.

Bud Neal said he remembers when Rachel used to work at the Country Mart.

"One day I came in and I said, 'Rachel, what's the speed of light'?" he said. "She said she didn't know and I said, 'that's your homework and when I come in next time, I'm going to ask you.' Two days later I came in and she threw her hands in the air and said, 'Oh! I didn't do it'!"

Neal once again brought his flag to fly over the line of people waiting in line. The night was chilly but the community came together to ensure people felt loved.

Just one day after calling hours for Dawn Hochsprung took place at Munson-Lovetere Funeral Home, the luminarias were relit, the hot chocolate made and the coffee set a-flowing again.

Those standing in line waiting to pay respects to the young teacher were offered warm drinks and snacks by Nonnewaug students and other young folks who, of their own accord, came to the tent at Woodbury Saw & Mower to help.

The Woodbury Lions Club provided coffee and hot chocolate and John Pittari of New Morning Market was there helping out. The day before, Big Daddy's, San Remo and Woodbury Deli all provided food for the community.

Sometimes moments arise when that which nourishes the body also nourishes the soul.


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