Adoptable Animal: Spidey the Cat

Looking for an animal to adopt? Animals for Life has a number of cats and dogs in need for homes.


, located in Middlebury, lists animals in need of a home. The full list and photos are on the Animals for Life website.

Spidey, a Female Tiger Cat

Animals for Life staff are working with a local family to help them find a home for Spidey, a kitty who showed up on their property recently.

This young kitty is friendly, so much so that she was rubbing up against the AFL volunteer who went out to the home to meet and evaluate her.

This sweet cat was most likely someone's pet, based on how well adjusted she is. She is one to two years old and is living under the watchful eyes of this caring family until a new home can be found.

For more information, contact Animals for Life at 203-758-2933.


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