Xeper Means “To Become” — The Art of Achieving Awesomeness Always & Forever

Some straightforward life advice on finding happiness and overcoming the biggest barrier in doing so (yourself).


Consider the power that certain words hold. When someone says “war” the mind conjures images of gun, bombs, and rage tempered with sorrow. Likewise at the mention of “prosperity” most people are apt to let their mind wander to the thought of growing bank accounts and the joys of material wealth.

Think back to your early childhood and that first scolding you got for dropping the phrase “GD IT!” in anger. The reason that particular combination of words causes such uproar is the intent of such a curse; to cause woe from a source On High. I assume I’ve made my point by now, but simply put — “The words you say are powerful tools that influence people’s thinking.” Easy, right?

So there’s one word in particular that this little bit of advice will be focusing on and that word is “Xeper”. Go ahead and Google it. Wikipedia and the Temple of Set will be among the top results. (Also, good luck on making sense of a lot of it. It’s taken me years to understand it and despite the fact that it’s something I live by, I still have a lot to learn about it.)

The word Xeper is Egyptian in origin, translating into something like "To Create," "To Exist" or "To Be."  So now you know what Xeper means, but a lot of people don’t necessarily understand what it means. 

Xeper is one of those things that is similar to “You can be anything when you grow up” or “You can do anything you put your mind to." Then again, like most things in life, its meaning and purpose is different depending on who you are and how you choose to view it.

To me, Xeper is a life philosophy, a lesson that you are never done learning, and the ultimate source of hope despite any situation.

Xeper is a single summarized word that is secretly the key to everlasting happiness; a way to achieve your inner awesomeness that’s always existed regardless if you’ve seen it or not.

Xeper as a way of life is a really simple idea. However, at the same time, it’s a rather generic and abstract instruction. Are you happy? Is there something missing from your life that you’ve been desperately seeking but are unable to discover? Are you actually happy? It’s alright to admit it if you aren’t — the truth is most people are unhappy with some aspect of their life.

Now if you can honestly say that you are wholly satisfied with every aspect of your life then I’d definitely like to mentor under your guidance. On the other hand if there is something you feel like you are missing but don’t have, my next question to you is: “What’s stopping you from getting that thing or being happy?”

The answer is definitely going to be a shocker, but really the answer is “Nothing!”. You see, happiness is what you make of it; it’s the state of mind you allow yourself to have. While it sounds like some cheesy self-help book written by Joe Any-Quack PhD., ultimately you (and only you) are the ruling force in deciding if you are happy or not. 

At this point, consider your current situation and what’s making you at this loss for joy. Everyone at some point is in some pretty dire shape. Unemployment, poverty, broken relationships, loneliness, depression; all of these things (to be put quite bluntly) suck hardcore. Every moment of your life these nasty little demons are dragging you down, acting like vampires that feed on your enjoyment of life and replace it with anxiety, fear, and despair.

The lesson that Xeper teaches is that regardless of what is currently going on you can become someone that is happy with their life. The situation might blow and you don’t have to be happy with it. In fact, the only thing in existence that you need to be happy with is yourself.

Go ahead and look at yourself in a mirror, and then tell yourself “I’m awesome." If you don’t want to believe your own words then believe mine: “Hey you, person reading this. I think you are pretty great.” (You have to believe what I say, right? After all I’m some guy on the Internet. Not just anyone can go around posting stuff on the web all willy-nilly.)

In all seriousness though, the attitude of “I’m the greatest” is all you need to keep you going. You don’t need to come off as a conceited or self-absorbed kinda dude; just give being confident in yourself and loving every single bit of who you are a try. You are a pretty great person, you should give yourself a bit more credit.

Remember in middle school when your parents told you “Just be yourself?” That’s great advice, but what they should have been saying this whole time is “Just be yourself and love every little bit of it”. Sometimes life bites; now bare your teeth and bite back. Besides, when you are showing off your fearsome fangs, you’re pretty much smiling.

When it comes down to it, living a truly happy life is all about attitude. If you let yourself be defeated, then The World is going to run you right over. Rather than let that happen, you need to face the cosmos and yell “Have you seen me? I’m literally the greatest. I’m freakin’ awesome!” right in its face.

And after you’ve made that declaration, you’ve gotta believe it. Even if you don’t actually believe it (yet), act like you do. Show all those negative aspects of life that you aren’t going to let them get in your way — you’ve got too many places to go and things to accomplish to let their inane BS slow you down.

Make the statement, play the part and in time it will become true. Keep the word Xeper in mind, write it on your wrist in permanent marker if you have to, but don’t ever forget what it means. Let the word have power. Heck, let yourself have power.

One of the translation of Xeper is “To speak into being," so take the first step in the process. Let yourself know (even better, let the whole universe know) just how great you actually are. Shout the words “I’m the most awesome” while you’re alone, whisper it when you need a boost, learn the lesson that this particular word teaches. C’mon, you know who you are and what you want with life. Now say it out loud and speak it into being.

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