Zone Change Approval Opens Door For Potential Business Expansion

Concerns about whether the change conformed with Middlebury's plans for developed were discussed.


The Middlebury Planning and Zoning Commission approved an application at its Thursday, Dec. 6 meeting, that will change a piece of Woodland Road property from residential to commercial, but a neighbor and local business owner shared concerns.

The 86 Woodland Rd. property is near Middlebury Consignment.

Rachel Bashevkin said she and other neighbors are concerned about the expansion of 1365 LLC's business, noise from outdoor events and the encroachment of the building onto neighboring properties.

Another concern is a residential driveway on Woodland Road. Bashevkin said she wants to be sure future customers don't think it's OK to use the driveway. She wondered if the driveway could be blocked somehow to prevent that from occurring.

Attorney Michael Broderick, representing Baylis Properties LLC/1383 West Street/Juniper’s Restaurant, said the requested zone change doesn't benefit the Middlebury community as a whole and doesn't coincide with the town's comprehensive plan of development.

Broderick said the applicant was asking the commission to approve the zone change without disclosing future use.

Attorney Michael McVerry, on behalf of applicant Tara Perrotti and 1365 LLC of Middlebury Consignment, said the applicant can't use the property commercially until the commission gives the OK.

He said that future plans for the property will be brought before the commission for site plan approval and/or a special exception.


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