Hardest-Hit Customers Can Apply for CL&P Credit After October Snowstorm

Applications must be received by Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2012.


Connecticut Light & Power customers who were hit hardest by the October nor'easter can now apply for a credit that will be applied to their February 2012 CL&P bill.

Qualified customers, described as those who were still without power as of noon on Saturday, Nov. 5, according to a press release from CL&P, can now apply at the CL&P website or by calling 888-566-9257.

All applications must be received by 5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2012.

No release of legal claims will be necessary in order to receive compensation from the fund, the press release stated.

Credits are expected to range between $100 and $200, depending on the number of eligible customers who apply.

The money is coming from a post-storm fund that was established by CL&P parent company, Northeast Utilities, of up to $30 million.  

"The credit was not intended to be a reimbursement for losses during the storm, but rather a gesture of goodwill to the approximately last 25 percent of our customers to get power back – those without power a week or more," said Sharon Eberman, director of Customer Experience Operations for CL&P and Yankee Gas. "We wanted to make sure that we would reach a large number of customers, but also that the credit would be a meaningful amount."

Using a guideline of customer usage of 700 kilowatt-hours per month along with the average monthly CL&P bill of about $123, it was determined that a credit of between $100 and $200 would be considered significant, according to the press release.

In making this determination, Northeast Utilities received assistance from Ken Feinberg, the nationally renowned expert who has administered several high profile funds, including the 9/11 fund.  

"We acknowledge that the credit system is not perfect, and that there will be people that are unhappy with the way in which we set the cut off and are administering the fund," said Eberman. "We hope that most of our customers will recognize the fund for what it is -- our sincere attempt to show that we care about our customers."


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