L Restaurant's Dessert Reviewed by Connecticut Magazine

Have a sweet tooth? Connecticut Magazine recommends this Middlebury restaurant's dessert.


Every once in a while, a friend of mine has dessert first and ends his meal with the entree.

If you have as big a sweet tooth as he does, this dessert recommendation by Andrew Brady of Connecticut Magazine may be for you: L Restaurant's Banana Napoleon.

In his Dessert Alert feature, Brady had this to say:

"The Banana Napoleon at "L" is so good that . . . well, have you ever seen three people seeming to chat amiably while aggressively running their index fingers across a shared plate as they battle to pick up every last bit of a dessert? I have, and one of the fingers was mine."


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Brady listed the ingredients of Banana Napoleon: Bananas, chocolate mousse, caramel, whipped cream and a napoleon pastry wedge. He said the dessert lends itself to happy occasions:

"In fact, I could see going in to L late some evening after an especially happy or successful day and capping it off by sitting at the bar with a Banana Napoleon and a frosty glass of Champagne," Brady wrote.


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