Bites Nearby: The One Eyed Pig

Barbecue done right.

Usually when you talk about barbecue in the northeast, you talk about the ultra high-end place in the city, or the less sophisticated back yard grill event. 

True barbecue has a few necessary ingredients: low smoky heat and long hours of cooking, intense flavor due to spices and sauces unique to the chef or pit boss, and lastly said chef will not reveal his sauce or seasoning recipes to anyone.

At the that chef is Jay Daly, who confided that he uses 17 spices in his dry rub alone, to say nothing of the four different sauces presented on every table.

Jay is the kind of chef who does his research, and puts the extra effort in to his food, from fresh cut fries made to order to his famous Whackadoo BBQ, a crispy hash made from pulled pork, applewood bacon and potatoes, his food is well thought out.

His menu sports full and half racks of ribs, BBQ chicken, and generous servings of pulled pork.

I, being the absolute pig I am, decided on the combo platter, choosing a half rack of tender ribs and a serving of the wackadoo BBQ, along with baked beans and fries. I will say that I personally enjoyed the baked beans, which I was pleased to see had been seasoned with generous amounts of slab bacon.  My girlfriend decided on the pulled pork sandwich, with coleslaw, and potato salad, and “The Boy,” my son, had his two favorite things: chicken nuggets (dinosaur shapes) and French fries. He was so enamored with the fresh cut fries he absolutely ignored the chicken.

Prices at the One Eyed pig are in the low to midrange with the most expensive entrée topping out at $22, and most of the other items are priced from $4-$10. I would have readily paid more for less.

The food is excellent, portions are huge, most of the items are cooked to order and don’t take all day. The only downside is anything fried is fried in peanut oil. Don’t get me wrong, I love the stuff and the way it tastes, but it make the food lethal to anyone with peanut allergies.

In terms of the décor, it’s a barbecue joint, and it comes with all the frills: paper on the tables and a big tin bucket of crayons, generous seating and a roll of paper towels on every table. Had it been warmer I would had thought I was back in South Carolina.

The One Eyed Pig is located at 71 S. Main St. in Newtown, and has open mic on Thursdays and live music on Fridays.


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