Bites Nearby: Caraluzzi's

Offering more than just groceries, this store's soups are worth the trip.

— Although grocery stores aren't usually considered lunch destinations, Caraluzzi's may be the exception. The small chain has locations in Georgetown and Bethel, but it's the Newtown location's soup bar that pulls me in time and time again.

Soon after Caraluzzi's opened its Newtown Market, a friend recommended I try the soup, specifically the White Chicken Chili. I didn't make a special trip, but the next time I found myself in the store I helped myself to a small container of the chili. And I was hooked.

Since that delicious day, I have been back many times for containers of the freshly made soups, including Hungarian Mushroom, Carrot Ginger and Italian Wedding. The soup is sold by the container size and comes with a pack of oyster crackers.

And if you're in the mood for something to have after your lunch with a cup of tea, check out the ginger scones in the bakery section. I keep them wrapped in my freezer, perfect for enjoy on those upcoming chilly afternoons.

Caraluzzi's is located at 5 Queen Street, 203-270-7500. Hours are daily, 7pm - 10pm.


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