Snowstorm Blamed as Newtown Kids' Grammy Performance Canceled

The performance would have seen an independent choir of Newtown children perform "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "Call Me Maybe," but network officials say winter weather interfered, according to the Hartford Courant.


A choir of kids from Newtown didn't sing their songs at the Grammys after all.

The scheduled performance would have seen the independent chorus, run by Sabrina Post, perform "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and Carly Rae Jepsen's 2012 hit "Call Me Maybe." But after it was unexpectedly cancelled this afternoon, officials at E! cited the snowstorm as a reason for the cancellation, according to the Hartford Courant.

The group previously performed "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for Good Morning America with singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson and members of the Talking Heads. In an appearance on CNN Friday, Superintendent Janet Robinson clarified that the group, led by Sabrina Post, was independent and not related to the Sandy Hook Elementary Chorus, led by Maryrose Kristopik, who sang "America the Beautiful" at the Super Bowl with Jennifer Hudson.

"The chorus that sang from Sandy Hook at the Super Bowl is a chorus of Sandy Hook students led by their music teacher," she said. "I do not know for sure who the other group is."

In a statement released prior to the cancellation, Newtown's Board of Selectmen issued a statement declaring their pride in both choirs.

"Thank you to all these children, their parents and their leaders for helping us heal through music," said the statement, signed by Pat Llodra, James Gaston and Will Rodgers. "For us, there can never be too much beautiful music, especially that which comes from the hearts of our children."


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