'Dark Knight Rises': The Backlash Has Begun

How good do you think the new Batman film we be?

After a string of ecstatic review, the first pans for the last film in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy have been trickling in. Scott Mendelson of Huffington Post has gone on record with an unfavorable notice:

With a scattered mess of a screenplay, relatively generic action beats, a weak central villain, a needless love interest and countless plot beats that go nowhere and accomplish nothing, 'The Dark Knight Rises' is in the end a mild failure.

This viewpoint has not been going uncontested, as ThePlaylist pointed out that angry fanboys have been crashing websites with their vitriolic comments, causing Rotten Tomatoes to turn off the comments section for 'The Dark Knight Rises.'

Do you think that 'TDKR' will be as good as some people think it will be? Does the film's 2 hour 46 minute running time scare you off? Where are you going to see the film, if you are going opening weekend?


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