Crafty Tuesday: Repurposing Old Phone Books

Got a paper problem? Here's a crafty solution.


After yesterday's poll and article on whether folks still use the phone book, we've found that the majority of those who voted don't use it for its intended purpose.

So how about using it for a repurpose?

I found an amazing article on the Chica and Jo website on how to recycle a phone book into a pen organizer.

Click on the above link for instructions and step-by-step photographs of the project.

Additional Links

If you're feeling particularly inspired (or in need of inspiration), check out this gallery of phone book art by Alex Queral. He uses an X-ACTO® knife and a pot of acrylic medium to create portraits out of paper.

You can also opt out of receiving the white and yellow page phone books on the Yellow Pages Goes Green website.

The AT&T Real Yellow Pages website also allows people to cancel YP Real Yellow Pages or White Pages from AT&T.

The Earth911 website features a search function for finding nearby recycling centers for phone books.


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