What an Implosion Splice Looks & Sounds Like

In Middlebury and a small part of Waterbury, CL&P will be using a helicopter and workers to replace electrical wires. Implosion splicing will also occur.

Credit: CL&P YouTube Video
Credit: CL&P YouTube Video
The re-stringing of electrical wires along I-84 east and west in Middlebury and part of Waterbury, using a helicopter and workers, will take place on Feb. 8 and 9, according to Middlebury Police Chief Richard Wildman.

Implosion splicing of the wires will occur between Feb. 10 through Feb. 15 and again in April. CL&P posted the attached video on its YouTube channel, to show what occurs during implosion splicing.

Visit this article for more information on CL&P's use of a helicopter and workers to restring electrical wires.


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