LETTER: Solar Energy Program Offers Westporters Major Savings

A letter to the editor from State Rep. Jonathan Steinberg and Former State Rep. Ken Bernhard.


Dear Editor,

We are writing to advise your Westport readers that if they ever considered the installation of solar energy at their homes, this is an ideal time to do it.  But time is running very short on this opportunity to achieve significant savings.

Westport is one of four pilot communities which won state approval to participate in the SolarizeCT program which could reduce the cost of installing a solar photovoltaic system by as much as 30-40%. This savings, together with the federal tax credit of 30%, means that homeowners could install a system for well less than half of its actual cost, and reduce their electric bill to a fraction of what they’re paying now.  

To qualify for the rebate, you have to commit to the program by January 14th, but the system can be installed any time within six months of signing up.  An alternative lease agreement is also available, with low electric rates guaranteed for 20 years and no out-of-pocket expenses.

Both of us believe in the program and have signed up for solar installations, not only for the cost savings we will achieve but because we support the underlying agenda of using less commercial energy, which has a significant environmental impact.

To learn more, we suggest you call Encon, Westport’s selected installation vendor, at 203-375-5228 or visit EnconSolar.com.   If you’d like to see what a solar installation looks like, there will be a “Solar Raising” event this Saturday, January 5, from 10:00 to 2:00, at 1 Bushy Ridge Road (food and warm refreshments will be served!).


Jonathan Steinberg

State Representative, 136th District

Vice Chair, Energy & Technology Committee




Ken Bernhard

Former State Representative, 136th District

Co-Chair, Board of Directors,

Connecticut League of Conservation Voters 

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