"Conversations For The Church Today" Begin Next Weds., July 2-All Welcome

Beginning next Weds., July 2, Sacred Heart Parish in Southbury will offer a series of six opportunities for people to come together to talk about topics that can be both controversial and confusing for the community of the Church.

A series of six “Conversations for the Church Today” will take place Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 8:00 PM in the Parish Hall of Sacred Heart Church on Main Street South in Southbury. Open to the all, each conversation will be facilitated by Father Joe Donnelly, pastor of Sacred Heart Parish.

“These gatherings are meant to be opportunities for respectful dialogue in which we hear what the Church believes, listen to each other, and share perspectives about these dimensions of Church life. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to bring any interested friends,” explained Father Donnelly.

The July 2nd topic, “The Problem and Reality of Evil”, will reflect such concerns as, “After Sandy Hook, I give up on your God! After the sex abuse scandal, I give up on your Church!” 

“Raising Faith-Filled Kids” will be the July 9th topic for parents reflecting such thoughts as, “I raised my children in the Catholic faith, but now none of them go to Mass or are connected with the Church. I feel like I have failed as a parent.”

“Can Anyone Say Forever?” will be the July 16 conversation and opportunity for a discussion of the feelings that divorced and remarried people have about their place in the Catholic Church.

The July 23 “Always Our Children” conversation will be an opportunity for homosexual people, the parents of homosexual people and Catholics in general, to talk about their feelings about how homosexual people are rejected by the Church.

“Will the Church Ever Get it Right With Women?” will be the July 30th opportunity to talk about the role and place of women in the Catholic Church and the sense that many women have that they are not treated equally by the Church.

For Catholics who no longer attend Mass and church services, the August 6 conversation is titled, “Why……….Really?” will offer a conversation about why people drift away from the practice of their religious faith.

All the “Conversations for The Church Today” will be held in the Parish Hall of Sacred Heart Church at 910 Main Street South in Southbury from 7:00 to 8:00 PM.

There is no charge for any conversation event. To learn more about Sacred Heart Church, visit www.sacredheartchurch.info, or call the church at 203-264-5065.


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